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With over two decades of unwavering commitment to excellence, STARLAM stands as the trusted leader in distributing premium laminates in Lebanon. Backed by more than 20 years of experience in the industry of laminates production, we bring you a world of elegance, innovation, and sophistication.


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At STARLAM we are not just distributors of laminates; we are enablers of creativity, architects of beauty, and partners in design innovation. Join us in creating interiors that redefine quality and functionality.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to support your design journey, including expert guidance, installation advice, and after-sales support. Our team of professionals is here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless experience from selection to installation.


We are your partners in transforming spaces into true works of art. With an established reputation for quality and reliability, we have proudly been serving Lebanon's diverse clientele, offering a curated selection of laminates that redefine interior aesthetics.

Our extensive experience has instilled in us an intricate understanding of laminates production and their application in diverse environments. With each passing year, we have expanded our expertise, evolving with the industry's trends while staying rooted in timeless craftsmanship. We take pride in our ability to provide clients with insights and solutions that reflect our deep industry knowledge.

Step into a realm of design possibilities with our exclusive collection of premium laminates. From exquisite textures to captivating patterns, we offer a diverse range that caters to every style and preference. Our laminates are meticulously curated to provide durability, beauty, and functionality - making them the ideal choice for residential and commercial spaces alike.


With a steadfast commitment to delivering premium laminates of exceptional quality, we strive to be the trusted partner that empowers designers, architects, and homeowners to create environments that inspire, captivate, and endure.


We aspire to be the go-to destination for premium laminates, celebrated for our impeccable quality, unparalleled range, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.


At STARLAM, we take immense pride in presenting our comprehensive range of laminates that cater to every facet of your creative vision.

Our product offerings span a spectrum of choices that empower you to shape spaces with precision and flair:


- High-Pressure Laminate (HPL)

Size (cm) Thickness (mm)
W 1300 x L 2800 2
W 1300 x L 2800 0.8
W 1220 x L 2800 0.8
W 1220 x L 2440 0.8


- Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Size (cm) Thickness (mm)
W 1220 x L 2440 2.5
W 1220 x L 2440 4.5
W 1220 x L 2440 17
W 1220 x L 2800 18
W 1220 x L 3050 18
W 2120 x L 3050 18



Size (cm) Thickness (mm)
W 1220 x L 2440 18
W 2120 x L 2800 18


- Edge bending solutions

Size (cm) Thickness (mm)
22 0.8/1
40 0.8/1





Our laminated boards offer a diverse range of textures to suit your preferences and needs.


Our laminates collection boasts an expansive range of shades and hues that cater to every aesthetic preference. From the richness of woody tones to the elegance of solids, and the timeless allure of marbles, our collection celebrates a symphony of colors that inspire boundless creativity.

A wider collection of more than 250 colors are available upon request, choose from our colors library on ColorSwatch by scanning this QR code.



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